Get reviews, recommendations, referrals, promo codes and linky links for stuff I like. If I get a little cha-ching for any of these, you’ll know it by the $ next to the link.  Also shop Business Resources.


clickoGot some crazy sweet deals on Xmas gifts at OpenSky. Here’s a referral link. Favorite find? Little remote control button for taking selfies! Works via Bluetooth. Only $10.46 with discounts or $19.56 with a tripod holder.

Roma Boots Roma BootsA local company partnering with World Vision to sell j’adorable boots for big people and little people, and give them to folks in need all over the world. They have flip-flops, too. Doing well by doing good. Trendy, yes? Let’s hope it’s a trend that sticks around for a long, long time.

eSalon $ $10 off your first order

Freshly colored
Freshly colored

Redheads of the world celebrate! If you are a slightly enhanced redhead like me, you know how often you have to color in order to keep it snappy. A few years ago, I started doing my own and discovered that it just wasn’t that hard. madeforyounew._ts1372117906Then I discovered eSalon! The quality of the product was much better than the neighborhood beauty supply. And they autoship right on time according to a set schedule for only $19.95 + $4.95 shipping. The color is custom created for you and comes with everything you need – color, shampoo, conditioner, stain remover, even gloves. Plus customized instructions. You can change your color or shipment schedule any time. They send a heads-up email in plenty of time for you to make any changes.

one kings lane

One Kings Lane $
Is it possible to enjoy housework more because you have baskets and canisters that resemble a Tuscan farmhouse? Yes, I think so. I lerve every single thing they offer . . . had to stop looking.

Stitch Fix $
I was eavesdropping on the incomparable Diana Bacon as she was chatting with her BFFs about this service called StitchFix. This was on the very same day that I heard the cool guys at The Grove chatting about Trunk Club. So, I gave it a try! Here’s the review.

Sole Society(20% off with this link, minimum purchase required)Red Suede Pump
Just really pretty, pretty shoes at great prices — including astonishing seasonal sales. First order just arrived!  Very pleased, especially with the leather sandals. Pix to come!

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