When I ask people if they use Hubspot, a few things happen:

  1. They roll their eyes.
  2. They exhale for a good, long time.
  3. They stare wistfully into the distance as though I had just mentioned the Holy Grail and they are a Knight Templar. (Ok that was a stretch, but work with me.)

Mostly, I hear that they feel overwhelmed by the widely popular Customer Relationship Management platform.

Why Hubspot? It is recognized as one of the most robust platforms out there, plus it is affordable. The free version has most of what small businesses need and the add-ons are priced a la carte – so there is no need to pay for features until you need them. For the purposes of these sessions, we will only focus on the free features.

The bad news? It’s very easy to fall down a rabbit hole and chase every shiny thing that is constantly coming at you when you are getting started.

Rather than continuing to be frustrated, let’s learn together! Scatterbrain Media is presenting this peer-learning workshop to take a systematic approach to mastering the platform, plus provide accountability to the group.

Monday, Aug. 12
Session One: Introductions, Overview and Making a Plan
Monday, Aug. 19
Session Two: Managing Leads and Working in Teams
Monday, Aug. 26
Session Three: Sales Pipeline – Let’s Make a Deal!
Monday, Sept. 9
Session Four: Automation, Email & Bots

Register at GoodWork Events.

After each session, stay for open coworking at GoodWork and continue the conversation over lunch. Make a day of it!

Would you like to be a guest scatterbrain? Share your favorite tricks and hacks for doing more with more. Or send names of scatterbrains you admire! I’ll snag an interview. Ping daryn@scatterbrain.media to schedule an interview. You can also respond to a questionnaire … which I will promptly create just as soon as somebody asks for it.

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