Table Coworking

Accelerated Serendipity

In the Coworking Movement, that’s what it’s all about. It’s what happens when you create a space where a mobile app developer works alongside a caterer, next to a real estate agent and across the table from a choreographer.

It’s multi-disciplinary, it’s multi-generational, it’s multi-everything. It takes on a dynamic life of its own, filled with creativity and spirit. It’s community.

When a thoughtful improvisational spirit is combined with radical hospitality, something special happens. Every day.

For spaces that are primarily used on evenings and weekends, we can help your staff connect with your neighborhood in ways that will begin to animate the space all week long.

  • A Sunday school classroom becomes sewing lab while another becomes a dance studio.
  • A long-neglected industrial kitchen becomes a hub for culinary artisans and a source of revenue.
  • A patch of ground becomes a labyrinth and community garden.

We don’t know how Accelerated Serendipity will happen for you, we just know that it will if given the space to bloom.

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