I Give Up. Just got 1Password.

I have been the world's worst about password security. (Yeah, probably shouldn't admit that to the whole wide world, right?) Anyhoo . . . this Heartbleed situation has gotten even me spooked.  So I did a (very) little research and found this well-reviewed platform called 1Password. I like that it is a family plan and that … Continue reading I Give Up. Just got 1Password.

When bad managers happen to smart scatter-brains.

My friend, Ken Crawford, reports about a client he coaches who feels trapped under a mediocre manager. As scatter-brains, we know we can hold multiple feelings in our heads and hearts while we try to find the way forward. Ken asks super-smart questions that might apply to a few things in your life!  Thanks, Ken! Client … Continue reading When bad managers happen to smart scatter-brains.

Work Like a Fighter Pilot

http://youtu.be/5muaeyOiT7Y Our friends at Lifehacker suggest that video game music provides a stimulating background without being distracting. For scatter-brains, it also adds the bonus of being able to pretend you are slaying dragons rather than cleaning out your inbox. Who wants to work "like a boss?" Work like a fighter pilot!