“Look to the helpers.”

From her Facebook post today, the author Anne Lamott gets it as right as anything I've read . . . This will not be well written or contain any answers or be very charming. I won't be able to proof read it It is about times like today when the abyss is visible and we cannot … Continue reading “Look to the helpers.”

The Muchness & Manyness of Elaine Heath

The Rev. Dr. Elaine Heath is NOT, I repeat ... NOT a scatter-brain. She's the super smarty-pants founder of the Missional Wisdom Foundation, which I serve as Communications Diva and Administrative Goblin. But! Between her professorship at Perkins/SMU, her three forthcoming books on top of her published list, her speaking engagements all over the globe … Continue reading The Muchness & Manyness of Elaine Heath