How did that whole “spring cleaning” thing go?

If you didn't get it all done during spring cleaning, here's a handy little list to get some de-cluttering done in July. BrightNest | Your July Calendar for a Totally De-Cluttered House (Printable!).

FreshBooks Gets an Upgrade!

New: An easier way to share reports with your accountant.Recently, I was recommending FreshBooks to some of my peeps at The Grove.  The fabulous Diana Bacon, my smarty-pants financial wizress, had just one reservation about FreshBooks.  I think this solves it!Comment from Diana:  "I still would like to see account reconciliation. I do like that … Continue reading FreshBooks Gets an Upgrade!

Make an easy iPad storage stand with egg cartons!

Make an easy iPad storage stand with egg cartons!. Such a good idea!  Snap a pic and send it if you try this.  I like that it's all down in a basket, but it's prolly not necessary. Check out the Home Routines app, too!

I Give Up. Just got 1Password.

I have been the world's worst about password security. (Yeah, probably shouldn't admit that to the whole wide world, right?) Anyhoo . . . this Heartbleed situation has gotten even me spooked.  So I did a (very) little research and found this well-reviewed platform called 1Password. I like that it is a family plan and that … Continue reading I Give Up. Just got 1Password.

Deal! Desktop management thingy. PROMO CODE.

This is a cool-beans desktopper for scatter-brains who need every inch of real estate for piles of stuff that is SUPER IMPORTANT . . . until it's not.  Oh! and plugs . . . PLUGS!  Who ever has enough plugs?Loving the phone dock built right in and, yes, the cupholder because COFFEE. Use promo code QF8GB4KN … Continue reading Deal! Desktop management thingy. PROMO CODE.