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Dang there are a lot of collaboration and organizing tools out there! How to choose which one will work for you, when so many of them do basically the same things? I tend to look for two differentiating factors:  1) Longevity and 2) Connectivity with other tools.  Evernote does well on both counts. It has been around for years now, and it connects with some of my other favorite apps like Sunrise. So, for example, when I create a reminder date/time in Evernote – it automagically appears on the calendar on all my devices. Confession time – it’s very easy for Evernote to become just another email dumping ground. So use tags and reminders! And don’t get too comfortable with it – the developers are always improving it and offering ongoing tips and training. $

FreshBooksBeen using FreshBooks for years and I still love it. Recent added features have made it even more valuable than ever.  I’m not suggesting that you won’t still need Diana and Sharon at Bacon Financial Services, but FreshBooks will keep your day-to-day billing, expense tracking and time tracking and keep it simple. (I do most of it on my phone!) $

ShortRun Posters is one of those services that make you smack your head and say, “How in the heck can they provide a product / service this good for so little money?”  But they’ve been in business for years and just keep cranking out beautiful, high quality posters for next to nothing.  Their basic product is a full-color 18×24 poster for $3 with upgrades available from there. Oh! And use promo code pp0510 for your first poster free!  (If you can stand the guilt.)

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