SideHustle Update: Lyft

Just got an update from Lyft. Seems they have heard our cries and have responded with some improvements for drivers. Easier to see current bonus opportunities. Some bonuses are offered weekly and some just pop up from time to time. Easier to see hourly demand predictions so you can go where the action is. Passengers … Continue reading SideHustle Update: Lyft

Women in Tech: Get Your Geek On! – March 23 in Addison

Hey my geeky sisters . . . this is a THING!  The Addison TreeHouse and Girls in Tech Dallas are partnering together to put on “WEAddison: Women in Tech.” Join us in celebrating and empowering women in technology and entrepreneurship on Thursday, March 23rd, from 6-8:30pm at the Addison TreeHouse. Register here. What to expect: … Continue reading Women in Tech: Get Your Geek On! – March 23 in Addison

How did that whole “spring cleaning” thing go?

If you didn't get it all done during spring cleaning, here's a handy little list to get some de-cluttering done in July. BrightNest | Your July Calendar for a Totally De-Cluttered House (Printable!).

an organized day starts the night before

Solid, simple organizing tips! I'm thinking I'll try #2, 3 & 5 as soon as I return from vacay. Which ones appeal to you? Which do you already do? The only one I do consistently is getting enough sleep-and yes! It has made life better! 

Coworking = Fitness

Noted: According to Pacer, I take almost three times more steps on #coworking days than on homeworking days.

Lessons in Permissionless Innovation from the “One-Man Film Crew”

Permissionless Innovation with Robert Rodriguez