It’s School Supply Shopping Season!

   Beginning last week, the craziest places to be on Sundays are office supply stores. Loss leader season has officially begun. The stores lure shoppers in with offers like 15-cent folders and penny pencil pouches. They are limited to 3 or 4 per purchase usually, and they are all gone by late Sunday afternoon.  I … Continue reading It’s School Supply Shopping Season!

I Give Up. Just got 1Password.

I have been the world's worst about password security. (Yeah, probably shouldn't admit that to the whole wide world, right?) Anyhoo . . . this Heartbleed situation has gotten even me spooked.  So I did a (very) little research and found this well-reviewed platform called 1Password. I like that it is a family plan and that … Continue reading I Give Up. Just got 1Password.

My StitchFix Experience

Sometimes I like rules. In fashion, for example. I have always understood the rules and followed them, for the most part. Even the silly ones like not wearing white between Labor Day and Easter. I looked forward to finally wearing white as a celebration of the changing seasons.  During these times when we go through … Continue reading My StitchFix Experience

Deal! Desktop management thingy. PROMO CODE.

This is a cool-beans desktopper for scatter-brains who need every inch of real estate for piles of stuff that is SUPER IMPORTANT . . . until it's not.  Oh! and plugs . . . PLUGS!  Who ever has enough plugs?Loving the phone dock built right in and, yes, the cupholder because COFFEE. Use promo code QF8GB4KN … Continue reading Deal! Desktop management thingy. PROMO CODE.