Trader Joe’s Ex-President Opens Store With Aging Food And Cheap Meals : The Salt : NPR

Daily Table provides a grocery store for low-income neighborhoods featuring healthy food just slightly past its prime.

Taking a Stand on Immigration Reform

Please join me in supporting Owen and Eric as they sojourn to Washington, D.C. to bear witness on the immigration issue.  Here is Eric's post . . . Calling Our Nation To Do More On Immigration. Good people can disagree on the issue of the refugee children at the border.  But you can't deny these … Continue reading Taking a Stand on Immigration Reform

SIX MILLION ENROLLED! Here’s the bad news:

Just announced! Six million people have enrolled for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  This is a big, big achievement.  The bad news?  New polls show that more than 60% of uninsured don't know that MONDAY is the deadline to enroll.  Get it!

Esquire’s Charlie Pierce: Death By Antique

The gas pipe that cased the explosion in NYC this morning was 127 years old. #infrastructure

Hey, Texas! It’s time for solar.

Solar power is really close to becoming mainstream

Recap: The State of the Union is scattered.

A recap of posts and tweets from #SOTU Night in America! (Note: This is one of those "lab" posts where I'm playing around with some widgets and embeds and generally not worrying too much about how jacked up it looks. And I'm as tired as that silly Republican CongressCritter who just called Rachel Maddow a … Continue reading Recap: The State of the Union is scattered.