Every Monday Matters | MIND YOUR MOVEMENT

Sitting is the new smoking. There. We said it. This week, Every Monday Matters reminds us MOVE! Moving is good for our health and happiness, especially when we move in a way that feels good to us. The thing about movement is that we often don’t really realize how important it is until we can’t … Continue reading Every Monday Matters | MIND YOUR MOVEMENT


I love that word. The beloved Rachel Maddow uses it a lot - usually dripping with irony and sarcasm over the day's heaping helping of gobsmacking corruption and hypocrisy. But it's a new year, right? A piping hot fresh batch of 24-hour cycles. And good intentions and resolutions and re-prioritized "To Do" lists. Perhaps the … Continue reading Spectacular.

SideHustle Update: Lyft

Just got an update from Lyft. Seems they have heard our cries and have responded with some improvements for drivers. Easier to see current bonus opportunities. Some bonuses are offered weekly and some just pop up from time to time. Easier to see hourly demand predictions so you can go where the action is. Passengers … Continue reading SideHustle Update: Lyft

Headspace meditation app

Get some free Headspace.

Here's a free ten-day trial from Headspace, a meditation app. Enjoy!