I love that word.

The beloved Rachel Maddow uses it a lot – usually dripping with irony and sarcasm over the day’s heaping helping of gobsmacking corruption and hypocrisy.

But it’s a new year, right? A piping hot fresh batch of 24-hour cycles. And good intentions and resolutions and re-prioritized “To Do” lists.

Perhaps the things that will transform our shiny new year from the ironic to the truly spectacular won’t be found on a “To Do” list. Maybe this is the year when we really need a “To Be” list.

Our friends at Every Monday Matters remind us:

There is already so much around us that is worthy of our attention, our awe, and our wonder. We just need to do a better job of seeing and absorbing it. 

Ok. I’m in. I think. Maybe I’ll get in the spirit if we do it together. If we BE it together. We can make a start by feeling the wonder around us. It’s funny – just writing this post has lifted my day. An old friend dropped by my coworking space for the day because I sent him a “good morning” text. Instead of thinking, “how nice,” I’m feeling wonder-full. Connecting with him has literally transformed the day into something spectacular.

And that matters.

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