SideHustle Update: Lyft

Just got an update from Lyft. Seems they have heard our cries and have responded with some improvements for drivers.

  • Easier to see current bonus opportunities. Some bonuses are offered weekly and some just pop up from time to time.
  • Easier to see hourly demand predictions so you can go where the action is.
  • Passengers can now give tips from the beginning of the ride! Much better than when they are wrestling with their bags at the airport.
  • There is also a new option to tip automatically after every ride. Thank you!!
  • Lyft is helping us out when something beyond our control affects our ratings.
    • They will drop the lowest rating from our average.
    • They will remove low ratings for things out of our control. (I wonder if that includes when Waze and Google Maps use wacky routes. Oof.)
    • And . . . if a passenger forgets to rate you . . . it’s automagically FIVE STARS!

As far as side hustles go, Lyft continues to be a great option for earning an extra $1000 per month. (Note! I don’t drive at night. ) Flip it on when you want to drive, flip it off when you don’t. Even on days when I don’t intend to drive much, I will still flip into “destination” mode and get paid to drive to wherever I was going anyway.

If you are interested in giving Lyft a try as a side hustle, click here! Yes, it’s a referral link – another way to earn.

Becoming a Lyft passenger for the first time? Here’s $5 off on each of your first three rides.

Already drive but looking to upgrade your pax experience and earn a little more? Check out Cargo!

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