PopUps March 20-24

week schedule.png

Work together, people! Looking forward to a jam-packed week of creativity and collaboration. I actually have a good bit of head-down work and calls to make, so it’s a good week for our introverted coworkers who just like to be “community adjacent.”

Remember, Mondays are reserved for planning and tending your money garden – and whatever it is that you just . . . ugh. What’s yours? Cold calls? Expense Reports?

On Tuesday, we slow it down at Central Christian Church for Decelerator. Take some time to connect with WHY you do what you do. Learn more and R.S.V.P.

Wednesday will be a pretty Spring day and we are hitting Farmers Market! Big Love to Susie Marshall of Grow North Texas for hosting #CoworkItOut in the shed near Market Provisions. We will share lunch in community! R.S.V.P.

Thursday finds us back at Arts Mission Oak Cliff. Tasia Munoz is ready to set up the coworking space downstairs and we are ready to help! Also, I podcast I guest hosted drops and maybe we will listen together while I hide my face. R.S.V.P.

On Friday, we are back downtown at The Grove, Dallas for Bloggers Collective. Learn more and  R.S.V.P.

Remember, your membership keeps the magic coming!

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