It’s School Supply Shopping Season!

Beginning last week, the craziest places to be on Sundays are office supply stores. Loss leader season has officially begun. The stores lure shoppers in with offers like 15-cent folders and penny pencil pouches. They are limited to 3 or 4 per purchase usually, and they are all gone by late Sunday afternoon.  I go every week and stock up for the entire year by the first day of school.

Some items have higher limits- 10 or 30. You see teachers with baskets piled high . . . and paying out of their own pockets.

This year, consider buying an extra bag or two of supplies and some backpacks for kids at your own neighborhood school. Just drop them at the front desk. The counselor know which kids need them.

Or maybe your church or community group will consider starting an ongoing teachers’ “pantry” like they have at White Rock UMC. Their Classroom Cooperative has promised the entire faculty of nearby Sanger Elementary that they will never again need to spend their own money for supplies. Those teachers can “shop” at the church “store” every Monday year round and even make special requests.

With a church on every corner, can’t we help all of our teachers?

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