I Give Up. Just got 1Password.

I have been the world’s worst about password security. (Yeah, probably shouldn’t admit that to the whole wide world, right?)

Anyhoo . . . this Heartbleed situation has gotten even me spooked.  So I did a (very) little research and found this well-reviewed platform called 1Password.

1PasswordI like that it is a family plan and that it will cover all of our computers, tablets and phones and all platforms – Mac, Android and Windows.  (Here at Two Moms, Two Boys we have got it all.)  It is ordinarily $99, but they are having a half-price special (h/t DealHacker) and you can also use promo code MacPowerUsers for another $10 off. (h/t RetailMeNot).

Stay tuned for an update after I have downloaded, set-up, trained Celia and the boys, and used it for awhile.

Update:  Ooo! It also tracks software licenses.  Nice! Also, credit card info so that I can drop LifeLock – which is owned by scary right-wing conservatives who think I will want to buy their product more if I’m mansplained to do so by Rudy “9-11+verb” Giuliani.  But I digress.

Tip: Load the extension on your browser before you begin adding items – it will capture your logins as you go.

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