My StitchFix Experience

Each item came with a style card showing two ways to wear each garment. Plus a personal note from the stylist.
Each item came with a style card showing two ways to wear each garment. Plus a personal note from the stylist.

Sometimes I like rules. In fashion, for example. I have always understood the rules and followed them, for the most part. Even the silly ones like not wearing white between Labor Day and Easter. I looked forward to finally wearing white as a celebration of the changing seasons.  During these times when we go through all four seasons in a single weekend, I like these traditional cues to remember the seasons by.

But now it seems that there are no fashion rules anymore. The most stylish fashionistas seem to be the ones that look like no thought went in to putting their looks together at all. Colors that are too matchy-matchy are gauche. Rules about what curvy girls like me can and can’t wear are out the window. Shoes that look more appropriate as you are swinging from a pole all the rage. The only rule seems to be to make your own rules.

With a tight schedule and an even tighter budget, busy moms like me are increasingly looking online for easy looks and good deals. When I heard about StitchFix, I really liked the idea. It’s one of many new services that allow you to try before you buy. Others are Warby Parker for eyeglasses and True & Co. for lingerie.

My friend, Diana Bacon, had tried StitchFix with mixed results. But, she had such a good experience with the service, she was willing to give it another go.  I would rate my experience similarly.

I logged on to their site and completed the profile with as much detail as possible. The stylist who chose my items did follow my suggestions, sending me two dresses – a wrap dress and a shirtdress. Both fit perfectly! However, the colors of the wrap were not right for me and the shirtdress was just . . . meh . . . for the $78 price tag. I had seen one at OldNavy for less than half that.

And that’s part of my challenge!

1. I’m very particular about my color palette.

2. I’m oh-so cheap.

The other items were a necklace that was too trinkety, a cardigan that was exactly like one Celia has and I can wear any time. The fifth item was a winner! A nice $28 blouse that I never would have picked off the rack or online. It got the thumbs up from my fashion show audience consisting of two bored boys, one impatient partner and two confused animals.

So I paid the $8 difference from the $20 “stylists’ fee” I had already paid, packed up the rest in the postage-paid envelope and sat down to enter my comments on what worked and what didn’t and why.  Now I’m really looking forward to the next shipment. I like surprises and I like that there was even one thing that worked for me that I would not have chosen for myself.  It’s also important to note that if I had kept all five items, there would have been a 25% discount on the whole lot.  So, if I had liked even three, I probably would have kept them all.

Verdict? I say YES to StitchFix if you like surprises and you want to shake up your own set of rules!

Note: The contents of my box:

Bay to Baubles Madrid Delicate Interlocking Necklace, $28
Fun2Fun Darby Printed Short Sleeve Henley Blouse, $28
Lily Reyes Abstract Faux Wrap Dress, $108
Renee C, Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan, $58
Pomelo, Sedona Dot Print Shirtdress, $78
Total:  $300, less $20 styling fee, less “buy all discount” = $210

Disclosure: Some links provided above generate discounts or bonus payments. These are available to any customer of these sites and are not provided as compensation for this review.

One thought on “My StitchFix Experience

  1. I’d love to see what you got in the fix! I’m aching for my next Stitchfix box 🙂

    Have you tried Vain Pursuits? It’s kind of like Stitchfix


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