Deal! Desktop management thingy. PROMO CODE.

uboardThis is a cool-beans desktopper for scatter-brains who need every inch of real estate for piles of stuff that is SUPER IMPORTANT . . . until it’s not.  Oh! and plugs . . . PLUGS!  Who ever has enough plugs?Loving the phone dock built right in and, yes, the cupholder because COFFEE.

Use promo code QF8GB4KN from the good people at LifeHacker to save a few bucks. It’s $35 with the code (today) and $39.99 if you don’t read this until tomorrow.

Use the link below and a few pennies benefit the Missional Wisdom Foundation, too!

U BOARD SMART – Monitor Stand and Multi-function Board with built-in 3 Port USB 2.0

This little doober looks cool, too . . .

Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management for power cords and charging accessory cables (White)

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