Lego-mania! One Mom’s Struggles with Sanity

Lego MomI’m not a June Cleaver, Carol Brady, (can’t seem to think of a more modern reference) kinda mom. I’m more of a Peg Bundy, Claire Dunphy kinda mom.

This piece from Dinner Party Download had me nodding along today.

Arlaina Tibensky has two children, one husband, and thousands of tiny, sharp plastic LEGO building blocks that are trying to take over her home. The author and former school teacher recently penned an essay for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency about her love-hate relationship with the plaything that cuts her feet, clogs her vacuum, costs too much money – and yet keeps her children not just amused, but engaged in a project she can enjoy with them and which, she is convinced, is preparing them for a straight shot to MIT.

Ms. Tibensky shares an edited excerpt of her McSweeney’s piece with us. The recent release of “The LEGO Movie” breaking box office records in theaters now.

[Dang it, dang it, dang it! There is supposed to be a fancy audio player right here but it won’t work. Grr. I think it’s an iframe problem again. Which is completely amazing considering I never asked any of my smartypants friends how to fix it last time I had this problem.  stomp . . . stomp . . . stomp]

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