Recap: The State of the Union is scattered.

SOTUA recap of posts and tweets from #SOTU Night in America!

(Note: This is one of those “lab” posts where I’m playing around with some widgets and embeds and generally not worrying too much about how jacked up it looks. And I’m as tired as that silly Republican CongressCritter who just called Rachel Maddow a cheerleader.) #SoThatHappened

It’s #SOTU night and I am EXCITED! My Facebook feed seems to be full of naysayers who are sick of politics, think it’s all empty rhetoric and want to impose a pox on all their houses. But I’m here to tell you that who we elect MATTERS. It really matters. If you allow yourself to be persuaded otherwise, it’s called VOTER SUPPRESSION. Guess who that benefits? Not the federal workers who just got a $10.10 minimum wage. Not the young man in Fort Worth who made the agonizing decision to remove his wife from life support. Not women who understand that birth control pills are not “sex skittles.” Not same-gender couples who now enjoy federal benefits even though they live in states that don’t recognize their marriages. Not GLBT service members who can now serve openly and their families who enjoy the full benefits they deserve. Voter suppression elects Republicans – who will roll back every bit of that on day one. Don’t get complacent. Get excited – even in Texas! If your party isn’t representing your views or issues, get involved in the campaign. It’s 2014 people . . . and Leader Pelosi needs her gavel back.

On raising the minimum wage for federal contractors: “If you cook our troops’ meals or wash their dishes, you should not have to live in poverty.”BOOM.

Top 5 Things Republicans Hated in the State of the Union Speech

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