The Muchness & Manyness of Elaine Heath

Daryn with Hannah Terry, Thera Freeman and Elaine Heath at Union Coffee

The Rev. Dr. Elaine Heath is NOT, I repeat … NOT a scatter-brain. She’s the super smarty-pants founder of the Missional Wisdom Foundation, which I serve as Communications Diva and Administrative Goblin.

But! Between her professorship at Perkins/SMU, her three forthcoming books on top of her published list, her speaking engagements all over the globe and her general holy mischief-making – even Elaine can feel overwhelmed.

In prayer I welcomed the loving presence of the Holy Friends and told them I was at my wits’ end.  I waited to see what would happen.

Read her thoughts on how her “Holy Friends” carried her through the chaos. And follow her blog to learn more about this revolutionary thinker who is bridging the gap between institutional church folk and, well, everybody else.

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