It’s a “rotter,” not a “crisper.”

goodfoodAmong the many good interviews this week from KCRW’s Good Food was one with  Joe Yonanthe food and travel editor at the Washington Post.  His new book, Eat Your Vegetables: Bold Recipes for the Single Cook  is described as “addressing a common issue in cookbooks: recipes often times are tailored for four to six servings, when many people want to cook for just one or two.”

However, noted in his interview, he also talks about how to shop differently and how to store fresh fruits and vegetables differently. He wonders why the “crisper” is designed to hold the food that spoils the most quickly out of sight.  Meanwhile, the condiments that will still be around for the zombie apocalypse are clearly displayed like a damned trophy case. Listen here.

If you could design your ideal refrigerator storage, what would it look like?

Oh . . . don’t miss the story about  Community Seafood, a community supported fishery in Santa Barbara that has a pickup location at the Wednesday and Sunday Santa Monica Farmers’ Markets. Love that. This Galveston Bay girl sometimes forgets she’s landlocked.

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