scattered is a lab blog where I try out new concepts and gadgets and widgets and whiz-bang things for scatter-brain media’s clients’ blogs.  Content will focus on being more productive for scatter-brained people struggling in a linear world. You know who you are.

Not sure you are a scatter-brain?

The fine folks at Myers-Briggs are astonished at how high our “P” scores are. And aren’t they perceptive? <smirk> That score is usually, but not always matched by our extrovertitude. (No, that’s not a word . . . move on.)

A few other things . . .

  • scatter-brains aren’t really interested in work/life balance
  • we forget more before lunch than you remember all day
  • we have a lot to do in life, so kindly lead, follow or get out of the way
  • simplifying your life is for losers
  • we spin at a really fast RPM and make it look easy
  • the last minute is our sweet spot
  • procrastination is a time management technique
  • our filing system consists of plastic bins and tote bags
  • most of our friends and family find us to be whimsical and delightful

And those that don’t are, well, annoying.

We know who we are, and we need the gadgets and info to do it better. scatter-brain media is here to help you do more with more. Oh, and there will be stuff about liberal politics, and religion, and social media, and residential solar power, and being a gay mommy, and sci-fi movie scores and maybe some other stuff.

Enjoy! Scatter it!

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